4 Wedding Flower Trends for 2018

As well as creating beautiful interiors, I also provide a professional wedding design and venue styling service. I love helping couples with every visual detail of their celebration, but I’m particularly passionate about wedding flowers and the transformative effect they can have.

In order to incorporate popular colours and styles into my work, I keep a close eye on trends, using them as a springboard for my creativity and imagination.

Today I want to share four of the top wedding flower trends for 2018…


Tall pink and white centrepiece wedding flower trends

2018 Colour of The Year – Ultra Violet

The Pantone Colour of the Year is always a big indicator of what’s to come in wedding trends. Last year’s colour of the year was Greenery and we saw an influx of couples opting for green decor within tablescapes, floral installations and bouquets.

2018 is all about Ultra Violet, a dramatic and provocative shade of purple. As well as purple blooms, the colour will creep into wedding stationery and table décor too. Alongside linen and china, expect to see new-age details like crystals and agate coasters.


Bold Colours

2018 will see the re-introduction of bold, vibrant colour in the wedding world. Darker shades such as navy will become popular, especially when mixed with metallics to create a softer style. Greenery will remain one of the most sought-after hues and this year we’ll see it paired with a range of natural tones including greys, creams, warm sands and pale mauve.


This year, foliage will continue to play a huge role in wedding décor, giving contemporary nuptials a whimsical twist. Modern brides are asking for British-grown flowers in free-form bouquets, keeping costs down and helping them achieve the relaxed, playful look they’re after. Bursting with greenery and foliage, expect to see large bouquets with a wild, majestic feel.


Hanging Floral Installations

Hanging flowers or greenery above tables looks striking and dynamic, playing with heights and viewpoints. It also creates more space on tables for candles or big sharing plates.


Which wedding flower trend do you like best?


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